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What is the influence of the lights of the city without night?

All living things on the earth are adapted to the natural law of the alternation of day and night, the emergence of "sleepless city", the animals for thousands of years for the formation of natural light is greatly disturbed by the ecology. Disturbing the natural law of animal growth, reproduction and activity, resulting in a series of serious ecological consequences.

Studies have shown that, in addition to a small number of animals at night, most of the animals in the evening quiet, do not like strong light exposure. But the night sky light, city lighting produces spill light and interference light and reflected light tend to animal life and rest environment lighting is very bright, disturb the animal life circadian rhythm of the biological clock, which can not be caused by temperature change, and animal life will change. When the goldfish into the magnetic field, the stronger the intensity of the magnetic field, the more fish do not want to bait. The frog, under the sudden illumination of the human light, will stop eating and mating, and stay there for a long time even after the lights go out. The lizard will lose the ability to distinguish the direction of Huang Hongguang, so he can't climb from one pond to another. The animals that live in the water are better than the amphibians and the terrestrial animals in the light polluted environment. Scientists on small vertebrates living in the water were carefully observed, results show that the nocturnal activity and they accept the irradiation time proportionally decreased while the number of their prey surface algae are declining, resulting in the deterioration of water quality, from the lush algae, and less conducive to the survival of aquatic animal.

The light may also seriously mislead the behavior of an animal, such as the new hatched turtles are usually based on the moon and the stars in the reflection in the water and swim in the water, but the shore lights over the brightness of the moon and the stars, the Little Turtle was born just mistook the land when the sea, died of thirst.

Light is an insect killer, a small light box advertising year can kill hundreds of thousands of insects, insects and plants reduce the threat to the pollination and birds for food sources, a series of affect the survival of animals and plants. "Sleepless city lights will be far away, so that some of the animal is away from the light source is stimulated, the night can not sleep, for foraging, self-defense, breeding energy consumption, on the verge of death. Have a group of cranes for some city lights advertising too bright in the city flying over the night, and finally fell to the ground dead beat, only more than and 100 casualties. The American ornithologists statistics, there are 4 million birds died due to hit the advertisement lamp on the building of the year, a city of a tall building every year to kill 1500 birds, they are mistaken as a victim of the star light tower.

And air pollution, water pollution, light pollution will hurt the city and the surrounding areas of animal species. Only considering the bright lighting at night is not only a threat to people's health, but also a growing threat to the survival of animals.

There are many ways to prevent animals from being exposed to artificial light. The reasonable choice of scientific way of lighting at night, light source, proper lighting time, can make the artificial light on the animal survival threat is reduced to the minimum, ensure the animal not because of artificial light stimulation and the demise of extinction.

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