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What aspects of night lighting can reduce the impact on animals?

Many studies have shown that, for a certain species, not all artificial light will cause harm to the appropriate light source selection, lighting time of science, can greatly reduce the influence of animal by artificial lighting at night.

Studies have found that when the artificial light for 4h, the number of deaths around the insects increased dramatically, the illumination time is less than 2h, the impact is very small, the self recovery and control of small flying insects opportunities.

Compared with the same brightness of high pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp attractive to the cicada, dragonflies and insects are strong.

The photoperiodic response of insects has some choice for the properties of light waves. The most sensitive light is blue violet (350-510nm)

Through the study of the ecological system, we will find the green lighting which can not only affect the lighting effect of the night scene, but also maintain the stable development of the ecosystem.

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