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Why does "strobe" cause damage to our vision system?

The waveform of the AC power grid in China is up and down 50 times per second, which is called the frequency of 50Hz. Fluorescent lamp using electric 50Hz, the two ends of the electrodes alternately as cathode and anode, a second change 100 times, that is to say there will be 100 times a second light flashes a dark, such as alternating current frequency caused by strong light and dark flashing strobe, commonly known as "". And the human eye needs to adjust and adapt to the environment. The process of adjustment and adaptation of vision is accomplished by the enlargement and contraction of the pupil of the eye, and the transition of the pyramidal cells and the rod-shaped cells. In a short time, we can not feel its flicker, but for a long time in the stroboscopic light source for reading, will make the sphincter and retina due to excessive use of fatigue, soreness and even damage the optic nerve. Strobe will cause eye fatigue, pain, dizziness and headache after, then upset even nervous, tachycardia.

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