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What will cause people's visual fatigue?

Visual fatigue is due to the long-term close visual after bulging eyes, blurred vision, dry tears, eyes ache, eye symptoms and headache, vertigo, nausea, irritability, fatigue and a syndrome of general malaise.

There are many factors that cause the fatigue of the eyes, and the brightness of the display, the radiation of electromagnetic wave, the flicker of the fluorescent screen and the reflection will cause visual fatigue. For a long time close to the eye, glasses diopter is not appropriate, too deep or high degree of astigmatism, etc., will cause visual fatigue. Need to pay attention to the following questions:

1) working position and distance. Work posture is not correct, too close to the computer screen, eyes are more susceptible to radiation damage, especially when using a laptop computer, because the screen is too small, causing the user must be near work, head forward, neck muscle strength, it is easy to form hard work and increase eye fatigue.

2) screen quality and clarity. Some computers because of the use of time is too long, resulting in screen clarity and clarity to reduce the quality of the image, resulting in reading difficulties and make the eyes tired.

3) working environment. The ambient light is too strong or too weak, resulting in a strong response to the screen and the outside world, easy to stimulate the eyes.

The degree of eye fatigue is related to the length of working hours, therefore, the best way to avoid eye fatigue is to pay attention to the rest of the eye, not continuous operation. Continuous use of the computer after each 1H, eyes should be removed from the computer 10-15min, look at the distance, let the eyes relax. Work posture and distance is also very important, try to keep the eyes and the screen above 30cm, adjust a most suitable posture, which can keep the sight down to about 30 degrees, such a perspective can make the neck muscles relax and relieve eye fatigue.

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