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How to pay attention to the eyesight health of the old people and create the living light environment suitable for the old people?

The visual characteristics of the elderly are different from those of young people. The elderly eye cornea and lens gradually yellow, color differentiation decreased, reduce the color recognition ability for color closer to the color, such as the weakening of red and orange and blue and green to distinguish ability, the elasticity of the crystalline lens becomes poor, the ability to control the amount of light entering the eye decreases from bright to dark environment the environment or from the dark environment to the light environment of fading, is more sensitive to glare.

Therefore, the living environment of the elderly should be appropriate to improve the indoor illumination, improve the uniformity of room brightness, should avoid the brightness of the light mutation. Do a good job of light shading treatment to avoid glare. The utility model should adopt the electric light source with good color rendering, which is favorable for the correct discrimination of the indoor color of the old people. The utility model has the function of adjusting light so as to adjust according to different seasons, different mood and different visual needs.

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