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What problems should be paid attention to in the light of the classroom and the family for the sake of the students' eyesight?

Nowadays, primary and secondary school students spend a lot of time in the classroom every day. How the classroom lighting environment is essential for primary and secondary school students' vision health. The classroom lighting lighting design should meet the requirements of national standard, the classroom desk illumination should be up to 300lx, the blackboard illumination should reach 500lx, and the illuminance distribution should be uniform, the selection and installation of the lamp to avoid glare. Good lighting conditions, mainly rely on natural lighting during the day, when necessary to turn on the lights in the classroom need to install artificial lighting, curtains, to prepare in the sun, to avoid the emergence of glare.

Students at home to learn the light environment, but also to ensure the important link of vision health. When studying at night, in addition to the general room lighting, the desk should be used to read the table lamp as part of the lighting, the lamp should choose a reasonable power, no stroboscopic, with light and light control reasonable lamps. It should be noted that the desktop illumination is higher than the ambient illumination, so that visual comfort, health, help to improve the efficiency of learning, but not in order to save electricity only open the table lamp, so as not to cause visual fatigue.

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