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What is the effect of color on people? How to use shade treatment?

Color can be divided into the color of environmental objects and light color. The color of the object and the color of the light of the environment have a great influence on people's emotions, these colors act on the human senses, stimulate the nerves, and then in the emotional and psychological effects. Scientific research has found that red is exciting, blue is quiet, orange stimulates appetite, and black is depression, fear and nervousness.

Practice has proved that the establishment of different colors in the hospital wards, supplemented by drugs, will receive good results. Ward should be used with high brightness, low color purity soft tone, so that patients have a light, clean feeling. Purple environment can make pregnant women feel comforted. The foreign experiment shows: light blue environment has effect on the fever fever patients; brown environment can help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients; and the green plants on people's psychological sedative, clean feeling, to lower blood pressure and slow pulse of the physiological role. Medical researchers in Paris have shown that people with heart disease live in the red, 90% of people have a higher frequency of heart rate response, and in the light blue and pink environment, there is the role of heart beat. In Canada, there are dental clinics where the walls are painted blue to ease the tension. The scientists also found that the manic, when angry, put him in a pink room, the patient will soon calm down.

Medicine can be used to treat a variety of light irradiation, each color has its specific frequency and efficacy. As a long time the red and green short, suitable for all kinds of cold lesions, such as grains, muscle sprain; short time irradiation orange and blue light, some of the hot lesions such as burns, arthritis; green and red light and short, is suitable for the wet disease. Such as sweating, edema. In addition, a number of hospital obstetrics and gynecology clinic, the use of light to increase the pleasant atmosphere of the hospital, the patient will have a sense of comfort.

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