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What principles should be taken in the design of building nightscape lighting?

1) shall comply with the requirements of the city night lighting planning. The building as bright, mainly what the color of light, should be in harmony with the environment, can not compete with each other each acts in his own way.

2, it should be emphasized that the overall artistic effect is consistent with the functional nature of the building, reflecting its cultural connotation and its own characteristics.

3, we should highlight the key, take into account the general, select the appropriate lighting, taking into account the building during the day and night visual effects.

4) should adhere to the people-oriented, the implementation of green lighting. Should limit the interference light control overflow astigmatism, prevent light pollution, protect the ecological environment; should pay attention to energy saving, use energy-saving light source, efficient lighting and electrical accessories, reasonable control of lighting power density value, encourage the use of renewable energy to create a comfortable and harmonious lighting environment.

5, as the city facilities, building night lighting control mode, should be according to the usual, general festivals and major festivals lighting control mode, and to ensure the corresponding artistic effect.

6, the appropriate lighting control mode, should be based on weekdays, general holidays and major festivals lighting control mode, and to ensure the corresponding artistic effect.

7) to effectively protect the historical and cultural heritage and ancient garden.

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