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Residential courtyard lighting should consider what problems?

Due to the residential outdoor environment is generally dark night, the residential area of the road should be higher than the brightness value of the environment, and should pay attention to provide a comfortable brightness ratio. When lighting along a road or garden path, it is advisable to have an inductive arrangement (such as using the same side of the cloth). Selection and arrangement of lamps shall not produce glare.

The maximum intensity of the fun center in the residential area should not be more than 35cd/m2 (unless the center of interest is a lighted balcony or indoor viewing), the highest brightness is usually 2-5 times the other places. Lighting design can create a pleasant atmosphere in light, shape, shadow and color. The general illumination of garden lighting is 10-20lx, which should not cause glare to spectators, neighbors and pedestrians.

Garden lighting light source should be a small power, high color light source, the general application of waterproof lamps. Lamps should be properly hidden, as far as possible not to be seen, so as not to affect the coordination of the environment.

The garden and the height of the lamp can be 0.6 wide (unilateral light cloth width (-1.2) of bilateral selection, but cloth light) not higher than 3.5m. spacing for 15-25m. garden lamp

The distance of the garden lawn lamp should be 3.5-5 times of the height of the upper part of the lamp, and the setting of the lawn lamp should avoid direct light entering the human visual field.

The stair treads and risers lighting, by the following ways: the use of reflective surfaces; in vertical arranged in the light source or set the lamp on the side wall.

Outdoor lighting can be used more than indoor lighting more light, the color of the general by the color of the light source (usually in the color of the glass), but the use of light and color to be appropriate. Yellow light will make the leaves and grass green with blue green fade; usually green or blue white light blue color can strengthen; moonlight.

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