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How to set up evacuation signs?

After the failure of the normal lighting, the evacuation signs shall be provided for the exits and passages for the safe evacuation of personnel. And to meet the following requirements:

1 safety exit and evacuation door should be above the light or light storage type with "safe exit" of the logo as a sign.

2) arranged along the evacuation aisle lights of evacuation signs, should be set up in the aisle and corner, height from the ground 1m on the wall, and the light of the evacuation indicator spacing should be less than 20m; for the bag type aisle, should not be greater than 10m; in the aisle corner area, should be less than 1m, the indicator should be in accordance with the current national standard (fire safety standards) regulations.

The following buildings or places shall be provided with a visual indicator of continuous light evacuation or a light evacuation indication mark on the ground of the evacuation corridors and main evacuation routes:

1) total construction area of more than 8000m2 exhibition building.

2) total construction area of more than 5000m2 on the ground store.

3) total construction area of more than 500m2 of underground, semi underground store.

4) entertainment and entertainment venues.

(5) a cinema, theater, or stadium with more than 3000 seats with more than 1500 seats, a hall, or an auditorium.

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