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Why do you want to set up safe lighting?

Safety lighting to ensure the safety of personnel in a potentially hazardous situation when normal lighting is extinguished.

Example 1: carpentry workshop circular saw, when a short time after the normal power supply, although the source equipment interruption, but due to the inertia of reason, circular saws will continue to rotate a certain period of time until the moment of inertia of the consumption of clean operation at the same time to stop, wood cutting workers the same because of the inertia of the causes of the action can not be instantly stop, coupled with lighting extinguished and binocular vision loss, several cases together led operation in grave danger.

Example 2: Athletes diving competitions in the night, when the take-off moment, if the lights suddenly went out, because players can not see the water and the sudden stimulation of deformation, leading to fall. Gymnastics, trampoline and acrobatic show the same problem.

The following diagram shows the requirements for safety lighting settings based on the type of building.

Basic requirements for safety lighting settings

Building type

Need to set the place of safe lighting

Illumination level of safety lighting

General building

There are exposed rotating machinery (such as circular saws) of the maintenance room, high-altitude operations, disabled ramp

No less than 5% of normal lighting

Sports architecture

Gymnastics, diving and other high-altitude somersault competition and training

No less than normal lighting 1/2

Medical building

Operation table

Maintain normal illumination level

Scientific research institutes

Laboratory of special danger

No less than 5% of normal lighting

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