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Motor vehicle lighting should pay attention to what issues?

1 in order to ensure the night on various roads, personnel and vehicle safety, night lighting in the sidewalks and driveways are required to set up a good, or poor lighting conditions, visual resolution is low, the motor vehicle driver driving comfort, is prone to traffic accidents. The road quality of motor vehicles should be evaluated from four aspects: the level of road lighting, the uniformity of illumination, the limitation of glare and the illumination of road lighting.

2 because the driver of the motor vehicle to drive to see the road ahead of the 60-160m, so the motor vehicle lighting level and illumination uniformity requirements are high. China's "city road lighting design standards" in the road and the main roads and secondary roads and branch 3, respectively on the road pavement brightness level, the brightness uniformity, glare and wonderful environment than the prescribed limits, on the road entrance, intersection, crosswalk and intersection area, the vehicle driver is often intensive. Can not see the road ahead, lighting level of J intersection area are generally higher than usual 50%--100% sections.

3 because the road lighting is easy to produce glare, so in the choice of motor vehicle lanes, according to the grade of the road, is prohibited or not to use non cut light.

4 because of the speed of motor vehicles, motor lanes of the cloth also pay attention to a good induction.

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