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Entertainment lighting: Ballroom lighting system

The lighting system of the dance hall (especially the lighting part of the dance floor) belongs to the category of "atmosphere lighting". Therefore, in the dance hall lighting system, using a large number of different types of lighting effects, carefully arranged a variety of lighting color modeling, collocation, layout, grouping, color coding, and supporting a variety of set voice control, computer control and other control equipment, in order to obtain good artistic effect.

The dance hall floor area can be divided into the performance area (stage), amusement area (floor), ornamental Rest Area (seats seat area and channel four part). The dance hall lighting system must comply with China's Ministry of culture industry standard (WH020194) in the dance hall lighting and light pollution limit standard. Specifically, the lower the standard of lighting the dance hall lighting system to reach at least WH020194 standard value (see table); the laser, UV and strobe: laser limit is generally not fired at the body, especially the eye, direct exposure or indirect fired body after reflection, the wavelength must be between 380 ~ 780nm and the maximum permissible radiation quantity is 1.4 * 106Wcm2; UV wavelength must be between 320 ~ 380nm, the maximum allowable amount of radiation is 8.7 * 106Wcm2; strobe frequency is lower than 6Hz, the continuous use of strobe lamps for long time.

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