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The main points of the lighting design of the restaurant

For the low or medium height of the room in the restaurant, indoor lighting lamps should be installed in the dark light or ceiling lamp, for the higher, the dew of the ceiling, the use of hanging lamps is more appropriate.

The color temperature of the light source has a great influence on the atmosphere of the restaurant, the color and texture of the product, and the choice of the color temperature of the light source should be matched with the decoration material and color. General should choose the color temperature below 3300K light source, to give people a warm and cordial feeling.

The choice of the color rendering index Ra, the same as the impact of the food store, the general election of Ra value of 80, the color of the items can be displayed correctly. The light source should choose warm white energy saving lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, three color fluorescent lamp, etc..

For the shelf display of food, the need to increase the shelf oblique lighting or rail light projection, and enhance the characteristics of food, to attract the attention of customers. In the selection of the position of the lamp above the horizontal freezer, attention should be paid to prevent the impact of glare on the customer.

We need to consider the heat lamps food stores, such as excessive heat, will bring certain influence to food, will make the customer feel uncomfortable, especially in the summer, increasing the load of air conditioning, a waste of energy.

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