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What is the meaning of harmonic pollution in green lighting?

All kinds of gas discharge lamps and ballasts are the main source of harmonics in the lighting system. The harmonic content of the gas discharge lamp with inductance ballast is generally within the allowable range, but after the compensation capacitor is installed, the harmonic current is obviously enlarged. When the electronic ballast is used, the harmonic content increases. According to national and international standards, electronic ballast products have high harmonic content and low harmonic content of the content of high harmonic content of electronic ballasts, power distribution systems must take corresponding measures. In addition, the lighting dimming equipment, control equipment will produce harmonics. The harmonic is harmful to the lighting system and the power network, the excessive harmonic current in the lighting circuit and transformer in the additional loss, is not conducive to energy conservation. The three harmonic of each phase is superimposed on the neutral line of the distribution line, leading to the current of the neutral line is too large, even more than the current of the line, so that the neutral line overheating, or even cause a fire accident. The harmonic makes the lighting appliance and transformer overheat, reduces the service life and produces noise. Harmonic is too large, will reduce the power factor of the lighting system. To the power grid and the communication, the information system brings the disturbance and the harm, such as the telephone sound, the computer misoperation or the mistake, the television image is bad, some protection device is wrong and so on. Standard for maximum permissible harmonic current limits for low voltage electrical and electronic equipment both at home and abroad. Limit the harmonic first from the lighting equipment to discharge the ballast, should be used in energy saving, the total harmonic content should be less than 10%; the electronic ballast, should use low harmonic L products, the total harmonic content not greater than 15%; lighting dimming and control equipment using filtering measures well, meet the requirements of harmonic content standard. Lighting distribution system three-phase load as far as possible balance, imbalance should not exceed 10%. When the above measures are taken, the three harmonic content of the distribution system is still too large, it is necessary to install the harmonic filter in the distribution system for the three time. Information from the Internet, if any objection please contact QQ1553190422

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