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The main performance of urban lighting planning

Abstract: Based on the overall planning of city lighting meet the functional lighting, should determine the overall image of the city night landscape, from the macro to solve good distribution, the attractions of the city night spots, the relationship between primary and secondary, characteristic and night view macro issues atmosphere, to consider the technology, art, economy and other factors in the macro city planning, lighting set realistic. City spatial elements including perplexing Road, mountain, water, important buildings and structures, they formed a unique city structure. These are the entities in the landscape factors, these factors can be city landscape entities are considered as a whole, but not every kind of each factor to be reflected in the night, but according to the overall image of the city lighting requirements are selected in the lighting planning in different levels in the corresponding planning to form a sense of the level of city lighting system, showing the whole city lighting effect in the image, the whole night prominent city space. In the design field of city lighting planning, buildings, streets, environmental facilities, construction, landscaping etc. belong to the elements of space, as jibode said: "everything in the city to see things that are essential. According to the size of the space of the design consideration, these spatial elements can be attributed to three levels, that is, points, lines, surfaces, in urban lighting planning should be carried out in different levels of planning. The surface is in the entire region, city lighting planning level, according to the planning needs and goals, will be the first city is divided into several regions, and can also be subdivided into several lines, until a certain number of nodes, so that you can make plans in different levels. At the same time, level of city lighting planning is also reflected in the different elements of the same nature of the important consideration of entity level, such as the square belong to the public space in the city, providing social place for people, but because of its position or the use of different functions in the planning can be according to different levels of planning processing. Renhua county government Plaza lighting design scheme of city bridge across the river nightscape lighting effect source: Internet reprinted aims to deliver more information, does not represent the agree with their views and be responsible for its authenticity. If you have any objection please contact 1553190422

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