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Effective methods and principles of green lighting control

Lighting control is an integral part of the lighting system. The control of electrical lighting control method using electrical switches, circuit breakers and other facilities close to the light of the past, the electrical design of lighting control system is simple and intuitive, the local lighting management more convenient, is still widely used. However, the scale of modern lighting management of large buildings and regional lighting becomes more and more huge, with the development of electrical control technology, light management to achieve the intelligent lighting control, lighting intelligent control system of large scale of architectural lighting, light color distribution and light time control, and through various combinations to create artistic conception and different effect, improving the quality of lighting environments. At the same time, the use of lighting control system is helpful to the energy saving and the intelligent management of the lighting system, simple maintenance, prolong the life of the lighting system, improve the technology and science and technology content of the lighting design. The flexible use of lighting control system is the embodiment of the lighting designer's technical and artistic ability. Lighting control is an effective way to implement green lighting. The lighting control system uses a timer switch and adjustable light technology, operation mode in the system more intelligent to optimize lighting systems using an infrared sensor, light sensor and mobility detector, so that the whole lighting system in accordance with the best economic and efficient scheme to accurate operation, reducing the cost of operation and management and saving power consumption. Professional intelligent lighting control system has a better effect of real-time control of the scene, the natural lighting and artificial lighting can be organically combined, so as to maximize energy conservation. There are two main ways: first, lighting control switch control switch control can be divided into the rocker switch control, circuit breaker control, timing control, photoelectric switch control, personnel control, two occupancy sensor is dimming dimming control principle of different light sources are different. Information from the Internet, if any objection please contact QQ1553190422

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