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The components of intelligent lighting control system and its classification

Intelligent lighting control system consists of the following 4 parts: (1) the signal / receiver is mainly used for generating and receiving signal, contains a variety of switching and dimming panel, smart sensors (infrared probe, static detector and optical detectors), clock management, touch screen display and remote control etc.. (2) the controller generates the control signal mainly through intelligent operation, the core of which is an intelligent CPU. (3) the actuator usually receives a signal from the controller to issue an action command, and the controller and actuator of the modular system are integrated together. (4) communication system is the connection between the various modules, most of the intelligent lighting control system uses a bus structure, and in accordance with a certain protocol communication. Lighting control strategy is usually divided into two categories: one is the effect of energy saving strategies including schedule control, natural lighting control, maintain flux control, brightness control, operation control and adjust the balance according to load control is two tomorrow; the artistic effect of the strategy including manual control, preset scene control and centralized control.

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