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What are the control strategies for energy saving?

(1) predictable schedule control rules in time and content sites, lamp operation basically is carried out in accordance with the fixed schedule, with the rules of work, work, lunch, cleaning and other activities, changes in peacetime, weekends and holidays and other rules, which can be used to predict the schedule control strategy. According to the predictable schedule control strategy can save energy significantly, and even save energy by 40%. At the same time, the use of predictable schedule control can bring the convenience of lighting management, and play a certain timetable to remind the role, for example, prompted the store to open the door, closing time, etc.. A predictable schedule control strategy is usually implemented using a clock controller, and the necessary settings are provided to ensure that the light can be turned on in a special situation, avoiding the sudden collapse of the person in the activity into the complete darkness. (2) unpredictable schedule control for some places, the activities of the time is often changed, can be used to control the unpredictable timetable. Such as meeting room, copy center, record room, lounge and fitting room and other places. Usually the use of personnel and other dynamic detectors to achieve, but to avoid the lamp switch will cause interference to the adjacent areas, the general use of the lights to light up, dimming, rather than direct switch changes. (3) natural lighting control of natural lighting is related to many factors, such as weather conditions; building materials, shape, orientation and design; design and installation of sensors and lighting control system; building activities of types and contents etc.. Natural lighting control strategies are commonly used in office buildings, airports, bazaars and large scale shopping malls. The control of natural lighting is usually carried out by a photosensitive sensor. Because the natural lighting will change with time, so it usually needs mutual compensation and artificial lighting; lighting effects due to natural lighting will usually reduce with the increase of the distance and the window, so the general will rely on lighting about 4m within the window is divided into separate loops, even each line parallel to the windows of the lamps are divided into a separate circuit, for different levels of brightness adjustment, ensure the balance of the entire illumination in the working space. (4) the brightness balance control strategy uses the light and dark adaptation, that is, to balance the brightness level of the adjacent different regions, to reduce glare and shadow, reduce the scope of light adaptation. If the utility model can be used to reduce the light spot formed by the sunlight in the indoor wall surface, the utility model can be used to turn off the indoor artificial lighting when the outdoor brightness is increased, and the indoor artificial lighting can be opened when the outdoor brightness is reduced. The control strategy of brightness balance is usually used in tunnel lighting control. (5) to maintain the luminous flux control, the illuminance standard specified in the usual lighting design standard is to maintain the illuminance, that is, to maintain the illuminance value in the maintenance period. In this way, the illumination level lighting system installation is usually considered 20%-35% higher than this value, in order to ensure the attenuation, in flux has a light source of dust, indoor surface dust under the condition in the maintenance period at the end of the lighting system can reach the standard of illumination. Maintain the flux strategy is defined according to the standard of illumination, lighting system to reduce installation power supply, reduce the initial luminous light source, and in the end of the maintenance period reached a maximum power supply, thus reducing each light source in the whole life period of energy consumption. (6) if the operation adjustment control is required to maintain a constant illuminance in a large space, it is possible to adjust the lighting system with the method of operation adjustment and control, and to change the local small environment illumination. If we can change the illumination of the local environment of the workers, we can reduce the illumination of the corridor and lounge, and improve the illumination of the area with high precision. Another advantage is that it can give the staff a sense of power to control their own environment, which will help the staff to be in a stable and comfortable mood, and to improve production efficiency. Usually, this strategy can be improved by adjusting or changing a lamp or a few lights. It can also be achieved by using a local dimming panel or an infrared remote control. (7) in order to make full use of the capacity of the power system, the concept of "real time electricity price" is put forward in order to make full use of the capacity of the power system. China has launched the "tou", the price will be divided into the peak period, the usual period and valley period, electricity peak demand price, low price low, encourage people to demand peak time electricity power, to balance the daily load curve. As a user, it can reduce the level of illumination of a part of the non critical area at the peak of the electric energy demand.

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