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What is solar photovoltaic lighting?

Solar energy through the solar cell will be converted into electrical energy for lighting, known as solar photovoltaic lighting. Solar photovoltaic lighting with independent solar lighting and solar photovoltaic lighting system. Solar photovoltaic lighting system is the solar photovoltaic battery installed in buildings or outdoor, daytime solar photovoltaic cells convert light to electricity, or with battery storage, night or rainy days to provide lighting from the battery building indoor and outdoor, or directly by the inverter to the power grid in the city transportation (grid). At any time for the lighting power supply system. Independent solar lighting devices such as solar street lights, solar garden lights and solar lawn lights, solar photovoltaic cells, lighting and lighting, lamp and battery into a whole, independent operation. During the day, solar photovoltaic cells convert light into electrical energy, with battery storage, night or rainy days, and then by the battery to provide lighting. At present, it has been widely used in parks, city squares, rural villages and towns, this kind of independent solar lighting.

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