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What is the building optoelectronic integration system?

"Solar photovoltaic system" is a solar cell array, inverter and related control components, and power system with a common connection point. Installed on the ground of a large independent PV system, on the one hand, the consumption of land resources, on the other hand, the need to power out, will bring the loss of transmission and distribution. PV distributed solar photovoltaic systems, used in construction, to overcome these shortcomings, but because of low level of integration, installation in the design of better buildings, difficult to accept, and installed in the poorly designed buildings, felt the building grade is lower, is not conducive to the development of. The so-called "building photoelectric integration", should be the organic combination of PV and architecture, not only the building itself become the structure of vector PV, and the PV system to replace the traditional building materials, building materials as elements (such as roof tiles, waterproof layer, insulating layer, outer wall structure, roof and awning etc.) become part of a building. The utility model has the advantages of not only saving land resources and local power in electricity, save the transmission cost, but also can replace or save the building exterior materials, reduces the net cost of the PV system, but also can replace or save the building exterior materials, reduces the net cost of the PV system, to ease supply pressure during the day with the peak, the connotation of technology at the same time to form a new building beauty, visual effect, embodies the perfect combination of beauty and building energy saving. At present, the construction of the integration of the construction of the building, not less than the first obtained by the application of electrical energy in building lighting. In the maximum of the solar energy and building integrated optoelectronic integration, consider to solve the "integration" are likely to encounter building lighting and shading, waterproof and insulation, thermal insulation, heating and photovoltaic panels and specular reflection, air pollution and insect invasion, line laying and cooling system, convenient maintenance and safety structure and so on many the complex technical issues, the implementation process must be the process of art and technology innovation building.

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