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What are the advantages of natural lighting?

People used to work in natural light and life, but by 1950s, due to the rapid development of artificial lighting technology, led the people once only pay attention to artificial lighting, while ignoring the utilization of natural light. Until 1970s, with the emergence of energy and environmental crisis, it was re emphasis on natural lighting. International Solar Energy Conference held in Zimbabwe in 1996 to participate in the meeting pointed out that solar energy will be one of the main energy in the year of twenty-first Century. At home and abroad, the researchers found that in the case of the same level of illumination, people in the natural light environment under the visual effect than in the artificial lighting conditions of high 5%-20%. At the same time, the introduction of natural light into the room can cause a variety of light and shadow changes, so that the indoor space more dynamic. Therefore, the full use of natural light in the building can not only reduce the lighting power consumption time, to achieve the purpose of energy saving, but also can improve the indoor light environment, people feel comfortable, conducive to health. These advantages of natural lighting, green lighting is in line with the promotion of energy-saving, environmental protection, health and other goals, it can be said that natural lighting is an important part of green lighting. Shortage of natural lighting, natural light is not stable and continuous, can be said that throughout the year, the day from sunrise to sunset, on the ground of natural light in the constantly changing, especially in rainy days, the natural light is very weak. Therefore, the natural lighting design in the construction of the natural light in the use of the advantages, we must take appropriate measures to weaken its adverse effects.

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