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What is indirect lighting?

Usually have local lighting, lighting, lighting, general mixed lighting, lighting lighting and reasonable quality that can change our Home Furnishing space, can make the overall artistic effect of indoor play to the extreme.

Indirect lighting is lighting or light source through the walls, floor, etc. the light reflection mirror after a lighting effect, attention is not direct the light cast like reducinglow. Generally, there are three factors of indirect lighting is very important. One is to pay attention to the light source and the light receiving surface (the distance between the gap between the light source and the wall, ceiling), a light source is shading (shading lines generated by light), there is a note of smooth conditions (the decoration surface texture of the reflected light).

Indirect lighting can effectively reduce the direct glare (light directly into the eye) and indirect glare (by screen or glass reflection light), but due to the high cost, and more need to maintain the lighting lamp brightness.

The three elements of indirect lighting

1, clearance

Generally, diffusion effect and the optical gap has important contact, when the gap is not enough, the light is vulnerable, so as to form a strong contrast, seems natural enough, resulting in light without diffusion.

2, shading lines

In life, in order to obtain the ideal light effect, it must be recognized that the light shielding exists, so when the Home Furnishing space decoration lighting, to consider the position of the light source, so that you can make to maximize the overall effect of light.

3, texture

In some decoration, some lighting designers do not have to think ahead to the interior design material, finally installed out of the effect may not be so obvious, resulting in the lighting effect is not good, in fact, this is the lighting design of the most common mistakes. In addition, if the decoration surface made of rough surface, it is impossible to get the desired lighting effect.

Light with lighting

1, general diffusion lighting: 40%-60% luminous flux of light shines down

2, direct lighting: 90%-100% luminous flux of light shines down

3, semi direct lighting: 60%-90% luminous flux of light shines down

4, semiindirect lighting: 10%-40% luminous flux of light shines down

5, indirect lighting: 0%-10% luminous flux of light shines down

Direct lighting save money and efficiency, but if the use of direct lighting, must be careful not to let the light projection angle is too large, the choice projection angle is small, or anti dazzle lamps often use the office partition will save money and the choice of eye.


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