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Lighting design knowledge

A source classification.

Two. Source parameters

Three. Source specifications

Four. The difference between light source

Five. Advantages and disadvantages of light source

Six. Source application

Seven lamp.

A light source, classification

1 - incandescent filament:

Name alias application

General civil normal lamp

Tungsten halogen lamp, halogen lamp, quartz halogen lamp billboard lighting

Cold cup reflector lamp market, focus lighting, exhibition hall

PAR light tank, ballroom

2: gas discharge lamp

Name name application

Fluorescent lamp low pressure mercury vapor lamp, Home Furnishing Office

Electronic energy-saving lamps in various places

Mercury high pressure mercury vapor lamp, street lamp workshop

High-pressure sodium lamp for road lighting

Metal halide lamp is suitable for various places

Two: source parameter

1 flux (PHI)

Unit: lumen (LM)

Definition: light emission and the eyes of the energy received the sum.

Power light flux (LM)

400W high pressure sodium lamp 48000

1000W universal lamp 10000

1000W halogen lamp 20000

2 life (H)

Life source (hours)

HPS 10000

Halogen lamp 3000

3 color (Ra)

Definition: light source for the rendering of Ra objects numerical degree of natural color is close to 100, said the color is better.

Light color index (Ra)

Pu 100 lamp

Halogen lamp 100

65 fluorescent lamp

45 mercury lamp

Sodium 20

Metal halide lamp 65

Ra uses feeling

>90 excellent for demanding color identification of places, such as printing printing and dyeing products inspection.

80-90 good color TV display lighting display.

65-80 good indoor lighting

50-65 outdoor lighting medium

<50 is not high requirements on the color of the places, such as parking lot etc.

4 color temperature (K)

Light color and light source standard blackbody heating ignited to a temperature at the same time, the absolute temperature of blackbody called the color temperature of the light.

Color category

Warm <3300K

Middle color 3300-5000K

Cool >5000K

Example color

Fluorescent lamp 5000K

Metal halide lamp 4000K

Sodium 2000K

General lamp 2100K

Color perception color feeling lighting effect

2000-3000K sunrise 0.5 hours golden - white with red and warm

3000K-4500K sunrise 2 hours white with yellow middle warmer natural

4500K-5600K sunrise 4 hours white middle comfort

>5600K cloudy white with blue middle cool bright

K smaller, more reddish color.

Higher K value, more blue color.

5 light intensity (I)

In general, light is emitted in different directions, and the strength is different. The intensity of the emission of visible light in a particular direction is called intensity (I).

6 lux (E)

Unit: lux (LX)

Illumination (E) is this coefficient between the luminous flux and the irradiated area. 1LX refers to the average luminous flux of 1Lm in the area of 1 square meters on the brightness of the plane.

7 brightness

Unit: Candela / m2 (cd/ square meters)

Brightness (L) is that the eyes see the object from one direction of the reflected light intensity.

8 light and radiation

Light is electromagnetic radiation to the human eye, the optic nerve into the light, that part of the spectrum that can be seen with the naked eye. This type of radiation has a wavelength range of 360 to 830, which is only a very small part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

9 of the most important optical formula

Intensity (CD) flux I within a certain angle

Specific angle omega (SR)

Illumination (LX) E on object surface flux

Lighting surface area

Illumination intensity (LX) E

[in meters distance (m)] -

Brightness (cd/m - L) intensity (CD)

Observed surface area (m) -

Light effect (lm/w) H emission flux

Power consumption (W)

Three. Source specifications

1 metal halide lamp


Common specifications lamp

Buried lamp, lawn lamp 70W-150W

Street lamp 250W-400W

Four. The difference between light source

Lamp shell powder

Metal halide lamp luminous quartz tube (transparent)

Lamp luminous ceramic tube (fog, non transparent)

Five. Advantages and disadvantages of light source

Pu lights: cheap, a bright color is good, but the light efficiency is not high, short life

Energy-saving lamp: high light efficiency, long life, light and soft but expensive

Metal halide lamp: high luminous efficiency, long life, good color but must bring ballast, trigger, restart ability, high power requirements

Lamp: light efficiency is highest, the longest life, good starting performance but should bring the ballast, trigger, color difference

Six. Source application

Metal halide lamp outdoor locations (except special place): parking lot, business district, square, Park

HPS outdoor road (suburb)

Seven lamp light source.


Ordinary electronic energy-saving lamp 9W-26W

40-100W incandescent lamp

Metal halide lamp 70W-150W


70W-150W high pressure sodium lamp


Metal halide lamp 175W-2000W

HPS 150-1000W


Double ended metal halide lamp 70W-150W


Double ended metal halide lamp 250W-400W

Double end 250W-400W high pressure sodium lamp


Insert 70W-150W type metal halide lamp


Fluorescent lamp 18W-58W


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