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Details of city lighting

City image is decided by the city's history, culture, cultural landscape, local customs and many other factors, not just rely on light up. We should pay more attention to the light pollution on health of life, damage and interference, but don't let down, sit idly by, long term consequences for Feiya lighting that be unbearable to contemplate:

, environmental protection work

1, in city lighting construction, to develop the overall planning of a perfect "city lighting engineering, ecological design, environmental protection type night lights, the urban construction and environmental protection departments to set up a corresponding system, formulate the measures for monitoring and management of the corresponding, do light pollution examination, identification and acceptance of city lighting project, the work of city nightscape lighting construction implement.

2, city lighting should fully embody the characteristics of "people-oriented, economical and practical, low carbon life, protect the environment", focuses on the beautification of the city, highlighting the natural. Vigorously promote green lighting, especially government departments and public places should try to use certified energy-saving lamps.

3, in strict accordance with the relevant state departments of city lighting requirements, restrictions on decorative landscape lighting, city lighting project to China but not extravagant. To further standardize business practices, to carry out scientific management and rational planning of grocery stores, neon lights and billboards, and control the light pollution of vehicles.

4, holiday lights lit to create an atmosphere of natural lighting. But usually it is necessary to "bright", the image of the city lighting project, delayed 60 minutes bright, ahead of time 60 minutes to turn off the lights. In addition to major festivals, in order to meet the lighting requirements, reduce the number of lights, as far as possible the use of natural light, disable high energy consumption lamps.

5, in the construction of city lighting engineering should advocate green, purify and beautify. Around the entertainment places and buildings, to a variety of grass, planting flowers and trees and increase the water surface, so as to improve the light environment.

Two, decorative lighting

City public lighting will include 3 interdependent factors in one or more functions: lighting, landscaping and lighting completely in order to achieve a certain atmosphere and lighting design. Until now, many cities have provided only functional lighting to improve the safety of passengers and pedestrians, while few of them have been designed to attract tourists after dark. Fortunately, however, people are becoming more and more interested in improving the outdoor lighting of urban landscaping. Walking into a well lit square or a building or sculpture that is decorated with floodlights, we are likely to appreciate the importance of the atmosphere and the extraordinary power of lighting features and forms.

Foodlighting technology is based on the principle of the lighting project; it is the most important for the aesthetic value of feeling and insight.

During the day, the object is by direct sunlight or light from the sky diffuse radiation or all two. The effect is that all properties are emphasized by the continuous interplay between light and shadow. In order to achieve this effect through artificial lighting is impossible and unrealistic. The key to the problem is to determine which feature is the most attractive, and to enhance its effectiveness by lighting. Once the lighting requirements have been determined, the actual location of the luminaire, the type of the light source and the power can be assessed.

Three, watch the direction of

During the day on site investigation can be determined for a specific target the main viewing position and viewing direction. After the change to the viewing direction of the lighting effect to optimize the process, to avoid interference of light generation. At the same time, pay attention to the relative importance of each viewing angle in order to create a different emphasis on lighting design.

Four, floodlit placement

In the past, floodlights are often placed in the distance reducinglow distant position. Alternative methods are: in the next frame on the roof, in front of the building installation, in the open, in the wall on the ground after, in the garden or bushes. But the current trend is to flood the system as close as possible. The reasons are:

Lighting effects in any plane and more significant.

Can reduce people walking in the objects beside the glare.

Without the flood lighting system installed in the house or around the building does not belong to themselves.

Reduce the overflow of light. The more light that is projected by the floodlight (i.e., the distance between the object and the object), the more light that goes into the surrounding environment (for a high power projection of 30%).

For the front of the building lighting details need to be carefully study on the structure and performance of the connotation. The location of the floodlight system needs to be carefully chosen, and the shape, color and size of the building can not be too different from that of the daytime.

Five, environment and background

Such as the environment and background objects is dark, a relatively small amount of lighting can highlight the object. In addition, if there are other buildings in the vicinity of the building, the windows will reflect a strong brightness, in order to achieve the effect of contrast, it is necessary to be subject to more lighting. The same is true if we look at the object against the bright background. In these two cases, we should consider the color contrast to assist or replace the brightness contrast.

The synthesis of six, light

There are no right light on the illuminated objects lighting synthesis concept. The choice of the elements to be used, the color and brightness of the application depends entirely on the designer's expression. The same is true of dynamic lighting through changing colors and brightness.

The use of seven colors,

For color, the world around us is always changing. Time, weather, season determines how we can feel a certain moment in a certain time. Sometimes it is the use of colored lighting to evoke the feeling of a certain day environment, that is, through the night lighting project to achieve the "layout of the scene" role. Temperature also has a lot to do with color: warm light means heat, and blue light gives people a feeling of cold.

To sum up, in the modern city, the construction of city lighting engineering, will accelerate the pace of city infrastructure construction, highlighting the city's own characteristics, to create better conditions for improving the image of the city and improve people's living environment is very important and far-reaching significance.


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