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Residential district road lighting design is reasonable?

Now the modern community not only reasonable planning and design, complete function, complete and perfect, and beautiful environment, by city residents love, the residential areas of the environment, especially the effect of lighting and night environment more

To people's attention. The lighting of residential district is divided into two parts: landscape lighting and road lighting. This paper mainly analyzes several aspects of residential road lighting in the design.

A, lamp type selection

Owing to the small width of the road in 3 ~ 5 meters, not suitable for driving the lifting vehicles, in order to consider convenient maintenance, generally used in high light area in 2.5 ~ 4 meters between the courtyard lamps for lighting, so that maintenance personnel carrying short ladder

Be able to repair. In order to ensure the road lighting in residential areas in the light of the road at the same time, the day can also create an elegant atmosphere for the District, the courtyard lights to choose the style of the building and the atmosphere of the district to coordinate the atmosphere, and strive to make

The combination of "light and shadow" is full of melody, so this type of lamp design can have greater freedom to pursue the overall appearance of the lamp. At the same time lamps should have good safety and prevention, in the canopy of the larger trees should be done

To avoid selection courtyard with cantilever arm, the lamp appearance should be simple and smooth, not too much decoration, or in the summer is very easy to make hate cobwebs; to prevent insects into the lamp, the lamp should not be low level of protection

Yu IP33. In addition, in the District, if the green belt is a large area of lawn and small flowers, then, the full range of diffusion type lamps (without reflectors) will make people feel uncomfortable. In the choice of garden lights when the material can be used steel

Tube, cast aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. Due to the low demand for the mechanical strength of the cell poles, it is possible to consider the use of more beautiful appearance, but the strength of the stainless steel material.

Two, the light source selection

General with high efficiency and long service life, high pressure sodium lamp in road lighting design, but different in residential lighting design. Due to the district (main road, the main entrance, except for public living area) requires quiet environment, and cold

Color light source more easily give people the feeling, so residential is widely used in metal halide lamps for lighting, so that the whole area of a rich sense of the level, while providing a soft environment for outdoor low rise housing. In addition, the average road

The illumination is about 5 ~ 10Lx, and the speed of vehicles and personnel in the area are relatively slow, so the area is not limited to glare lighting, the light interception lamps, at the same time due to the non light interception lamp light not only shot to the ground,

Also to other work surface (such as walls, trees, buildings, etc.) can also play a certain environmental lighting effect. From a digital point of view, residential lighting than road lighting to be much darker, in fact, is not the case, but the road to the uniform brightness

Sex (the ratio of the minimum brightness to average brightness) has a certain requirement, generally not less than 40%. Because of the speed of the vehicle, the obvious changes in brightness easily lead to visual errors or even temporarily lose vision, resulting in

Pass accident. In the area of vehicles, personnel travel speed is relatively slow, the residential area, the concept of luminance uniformity is not practical significance. Therefore, the number of residential areas in the main entrance, junctions, public brightness are compared

High, while other places where the brightness is low, so the average brightness is low.

Three, lamp arrangement

Lights arranged to be consistent with the road planning area. Due to the complexity of the road area of the road is more complex, multi junction, bifurcation, so the district lighting should have a better visual guidance, the general use of unilateral layout;

The main road of the residential area and the entrance and exit of the residential area can be arranged in two sides, and the location of the road intersection and the road should be arranged in order to exert the influence of light on the road. In addition to residential lighting

The design should pay attention to avoid outdoor lighting has adverse effects on residential indoor environment, in the absence of occlusion, the light from the balcony and windows near it, it is not suitable, this is mainly through the reasonable selection of lamps

And the appropriate lights to control, for example, as far as possible in the light of the road away from the residential side of the green belt. In the scenic spots can be used in the garden lights and the right amount of lawn lamp combination of lighting layout. In house

Community generally do not consider the use of floodlights to render the environment, because it is easy to cause light pollution to the surrounding residents.

Four, residential lighting power supply set

For the area is not too large residential area, located in the central area of general lighting distribution box, power transmission to the surrounding radiation, is the center of the line is not long, but more bifurcation. This form of power distribution is often more, but each outlet negative

The load is small and the transmission distance is short. While some large residential areas, the number of lamps and lanterns more, relying solely on a distribution point of power transmission is often due to the large radius of power supply, causing excessive pressure drop at the end. If only by increasing the cable diameter to solve the problem

The economic cost is too large, so the use of multi-point power supply. This can not only solve the problem of pressure drop, but also simplify the pipeline network, which is conducive to the maintenance of the pipeline in the future. Each distribution point is connected with the control cable

Into the street light control network, conditional can also be equipped with a wireless three remote control equipment.

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