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What do you know about led wall washer light?

LED wall washer light, also called linear LED flood, etc., because its shape is elongated, also some people called LED linear light, mainly is used for building decoration lighting, and is used for the outline of large construction, its technical parameters is similar with led flood light. Compared with the circular structure of LED flood light, LED wall washer light bar structure of cooling device is more good treatment.

The basic parameters

LED wall washer light and dmx led bar has a lot of similarities, let us know more about its parameters:

1)Voltage: LED wall washer light voltage is 220 v, 110 v, 24 v, 12 v, several, so when you choose power supply, you should pay attention to the corresponding voltage. In addition to 18 v, 36 v, because the two transformer is relatively less in the market, distribution transformer, so the general low-pressure use 24 v or 12 v.

2) Working temperature:

Because wall washer light is usually used in outdoor, so this parameter becomes more important.Generally we require outdoor temperature in + 60 and 40 can work. But wall washer light is made of heat dissipation good aluminum shell, so general wall washer light meet the requirements.

3) LED light bead number:

The general number of leds to wall washer light is 9/300 mm, 18/600 mm, 27/900 mm, 36/1000 mm, 36/1200 mm.

4)The level of protection:

This is one of the important parameters to wall washer light, also is the important index of affecting the quality of the guardrail tube. We used outdoors, above requirements should be in waterproof grade IP65 is best. Also requires related to high voltage, fracture resistance, high and low temperature resistance, flame retardant, resistance to impact aging level

IP65 6 representative: completely prevent dust from entering, the 5 representative: rinse without any damage.
Archled wall washer light usually requires the protection to be IP67 or even IP68. We test the lights under 10m water pressure in 5 minutes by our Water Immersion Test Device, to ensure the high requirement of customers for IP degree.

5) Control mode

For LED wall washer light, there are two control modes: internal control and external control.Internal control is not an external controller, designers design the control system inside the wall washer light, the degree of effect cannot be changed.External control is an external controller, its effect can adjust the master keys and change effect.Usually on big projects, customer requirements can change effect, we were charged with this solution.There are also many wall washer support DMX512 control system directly.

6) Color specifications:

2, 4, 6 paragraphs long, 8 period of full color color, colorful color, red, yellow, green, blue, purple, white color, etc

7) Light Angle:

 The light Angle generally have narrow (about 20 degrees), medium (50 degrees), (120 degrees), three wide. At present, the high power LED wall washer light (narrow sense) the farthest effective projection distance of 20 to 50 meters

8)Mirror surface: 

Glass reflective lens, the light transmittance is 98-98%, not easy atomization, resistant to UV radiation

9) Light source

Generally adopt 1 w, 3 w LED as light source, but the technology is not mature, the market at present is 1 w are common, because 3 w heat, heat do not droop is faster.

10) Size

Default per unit length is 1 m, because the shell is high temperature aluminum pull from the model, so the length can be customized according to customer requirements, the width and height can't change, unless it is open mold, but open mold fee is expensive, generally, manufacturers and customers are not adopted, but special cases.
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