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How to distinguish the quality of the DMX LED bar?

DMX LED bar of various kinds of quality problems, the government and other owner's low price bidding strategy is one of the main reasons, lead to DMX LED bar at a low price is king.

1, Lamp beads 
LED lamp bead is one of the most important components of guardrail tube, is the highest value.LED lamp bead must choose good chips, such as CREE, OSRAM, wide LUMILEDS, PHILIPS, gallium, wafer, etc.Also is a regular lamp bead metal packaging.Small LED assembly house, no anti-static, dust workshop, no testing equipment, some even no testing machine.Make products is also very cheap, very unity some DMX LED bar manufacturers, they can light up, the quality is there a guarantee not care so much, want is cheap.What brightness, light failure of what, don't consider so much. DMX LED bar quality 

2, PCB circuit board 
Some DMX LED bar manufacturer for low price competition, the use of cheap flame retardant paper board or single fiber board as the LED PCB circuit boards.Because, all fiberglass PCB is too expensive.Just started really don't see the effect, lucky still can last six months, eight months, usually within a year because will be affected with damp be affected with damp, uv damage fracture, oxidation and other reasons, lead to the entire DMX LED bar scrap.High quality DMX LED bar must use double-sided fiberglass PCB, although the cost is high, but quality is guaranteed. 

3, DMX LED bar cover 
Cloak is some DMX LED bar manufacturer and a means to reduce costs, high quality DMX LED bar cover imported GE, bayer native PC material, some manufacturers use a mixture of shuikou, recycling material outer garment, cost is reduced, the quality is compromised.Under the temperature impact is difficult to eliminate internal stress, easy to break.After water, whole root DMX LED bar scrap. 

4, Waterproof sealant 
Waterproof DMX LED bar must be sealed with silicone, this consensus has been achieved, there are only a few manufacturers still use hot melt adhesive seal.To obtain good waterproof effect, still have to use high-quality imported silica gel.Many manufacturers use homebred 704 silicone, but many 704 silicone are small workshops made of waste rubber, used for reinforcing positioning are ok, used to waterproof seal that's pretty far-fetched.Domestic DMX LED bar this technology with international level difference is relatively large, the core of high-end silicone totally dependent on imported raw materials.Why even the most ordinary construction of national key projects or silica gel is must choose expensive imported silica gel?Others used glass DMX LED bar, silicone seal is that take less than good waterproof effect.
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