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Five Tips for Architectural lighting Design

1, Building door head up areas, and the entrance landscape lighting design
Gate of the building lighting (including LOGO) general use: traditional neon lights, LED blister word and led flood light these three ways.The entrance landscape lighting design may consider using configuration landscape lights, buried lights, or in combination with related scenic spots brighten a variety of ways.

2, Building facade lighting design
The building's facade lighting usually adopt project-light lamp, floodlight lighting, now emerging LED wall washer light is also used in the structure of the local surroundings, the metope of the underlying lighting sometimes buried lights lighting can be used.Also can adopt the modern style of the building facade decoration lighting DMX linear, enrich the whole building effect at night.

3, Building outline lighting design
Building outline lighting applications is common now is DMX RGB bar or RGB strip, other can also use DMX white bar, DMX dot etc. a variety of ways.

4,The top of building lighting design
Commercial buildings usually reserved at the top advertising lighting, landmark buildings sometimes choose air rose etc used in the manufacture of night scene, but must prevent light color too rich, too much light intensity and light pollution generation.

5, Ancillary facilities of building lighting design
Buildings affiliated facilities generally includes greening, waterscape, parking lights, can also be adequate lighting, but must avoid light color too rich, light intensity is too large.

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