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Landscape lighting design of art and technology

Landscape lighting as city were ornamental and promotion of new carrier, landscape lighting design must be the perfect combination of art and technology, be short of one cannot.Landscape lighting design technology is the foundation, and the art is based on perfect technical perfect extension.

Has made rapid progress to landscape lighting, lighting hardware technology need to improve to strengthen itself, not only need to landscape lighting designers have the deep understanding of urban and landscape lighting designers have places with full analysis and use of light, original taste, profound artistic feeling.Landscape lighting goal is to make landscape lighting and landscape coordination, for each scene condition, because according to construction characteristics, to beautify the environment of the new level.At the same time, pay attention to human nature and intelligent.Must through light and lighting, landscape lighting design art can be given life vigor.
LED landscape lighting design in landscape lighting lamps and lanterns, the design should be flexible, beautification, do the day art lighting at night.Are attached to the building through the brightness of the light and pattern to build landscape, attention should be paid to control the surface brightness of lamps and lanterns and lamps and lanterns lighting direction relationship with the viewer view, because construction landscape belongs to the category of the scale of the city's streets, people will come from many of the location and direction to see, that is to say, there will be a lot of the viewing distance and the view of the line of sight direction, therefore, need to be in terms of design and installation of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of comprehensive consideration, let the light beam is concentration of the lamps and lanterns of LED light source is made in a variety of angles and distance to the person to provide satisfactory landscape.
Using LED products in landscape lighting engineering should also carry on argument about economics, comprehensive consideration of technical advancement and reliability, construction costs, maintenance management and so on related issues, improve the reliability of lamps and lanterns.Although at present, the LED lighting technology has become more mature, heat dissipation and waterproof is the key problem, still should pay special attention to.
Landscape lighting design is a technical and artistic perfect combination of the project.Landscape lighting lamps and lanterns, artistic, intelligent, flexibility in the direction of rapid development, landscape lighting gestates unlimited business opportunities.

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