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How to do the hotel lighting lighting project

Hotel is a place to stay for the guest, not only to provide guests with a comfortable living environment, but also provides guests with safe and convenient public environment, pay more attention to the lighting design of the hotel, the hotel lighting lighting design are the characteristics?

The style of the hotel lighting, lighting engineering, usually in warm and bright.Hotel lighting lighting design should consider safe, comfortable, energy-saving, low carbon economy requirements, such as hotel lighting lighting lamps and lanterns will be higher than general furniture environmental lighting lamps and lanterns.But in the use of general lighting equipment, if not installed under the condition of intelligent system, simple on and off while effectively save energy, but the service life of the equipment itself significantly decreased a lot.So the hotel lighting lighting engineering to use automatic control function, improve the management efficiency and management level, reduce the maintenance and management cost.By energy saving, consumption reduction, and enhance the brand benefit, for the hotel directly or indirectly in the creation of a considerable economic benefits. 
LED lighting lamps and lanterns is a kind of brand-new concept solid-state light source, with its incomparable energy saving, environmental protection, long life, controllable higher technical advantage, become in recent years, the world's most promising one of new and high technology.The LED lighting lamps and lanterns is in every field of lighting has experiment and reflect.Let the hotel lighting with LED lighting lamps and lanterns lighting engineering use more green energy.
In hotel lighting, lighting engineering, the lobby is not only embodies the style and character of the hotel, also reflected the requirements, such as the hall, reception, and rest, little corner of the waiting area and other special.This is also cannot be neglected in the lighting design.Vestibular color temperature if too low, the space can appear very narrow, colour temperature is too high and don't have enough kindness, easy to make the guest mood manic.Service desk to use high intensity of illumination light source is advantageous for the registration and settlement, etc., and to maintain consistent color temperature with front office taking the door, in order to strengthen the friendly atmosphere.Several of lighting lighting, hotel lighting field should keep the consistency of color temperature, through the brightness contrast, can form rich appeal, continuous transition and there are ups and downs of light and shade, on the whole build cordial atmosphere.

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