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Hall stage lighting design is introduced

Hall is a kind of multi-functional place, can meet the requirements of the vast majority of literature and art show and speech, because of its broad perspective, enclosed space for audio-visual good consistency, and high practicability. 
Through rational stage lighting layout, cleverly mix of stage design, can build the atmosphere that gives all kinds of suitable for performance, so how stage lights to decorate, small make up for you to find some of the basic layout. 
Stage lights decorate the omni-directional three-dimensional distribution, surface light, side light, top light, backlight location such as a full range of lighting arrays, with lighting stage all parts and specific effect can be flexible combination as needed. 
Area light design 
Light is a positive stage lights, is mainly used to light up the front of the stage area, for the performers on the stage play the role of frontal lighting, also for the modelling of the characters and the objects on the stage the stereoscopic effect, location is located in the upper area before the audience, general plane projection distance of light generally is 10 to 20 meters, so generally choose high power back to the light or lamp light beam, the position of the surface light (horizontal) general face to face with stage light equidistant vertical height, the purpose is to ensure that the projection Angle 45 . On modelling, in line with the audience hall ceiling, form natural transition. 
Top light, backlight design 
Over the top in stage light, at intervals of about 2 meters set a dome light, its effect is deep performance space necessary for stage lighting, light including frontlighting and backlight, can be in the same light pole overlap to decorate, can according to the demand of lamps and lanterns configuration. 
The arrangement of lamps and lanterns and projection method is: the first line of light and area light of corresponding starring lighting area, cohesion when pay attention to the height of the characters, can be in the first line of the top position as a point light, light and select some lands to strengthen protection of lamps and lanterns of lighting; The second to the third top light according to the performance to the stage after the direct investment, and also the vertical downward projection, also can be used as a backlight projected forward, so as to strengthen the stage space lighting. Lands to join each other front row of the light, can make the stage for more uniform color and brightness. 
The side light design 
Side effect of light from the side of the stage light sense of direction, the characterization in the stage level and stereo feeling, also can be used as a character's facial auxiliary irradiation stage lighting, and can strengthen the set level, shape the character and the stage space environment in rendering. Cast light Angle, direction, distance, factors such as kinds of lamps and lanterns, power will lead to different results. 
The arrangement of lamps and lanterns and projection methods: target range by a faster route far side light, cast light Angle from near to far, change, from unilateral or bilateral ZaoXingGuang, can emphasize, highlight the outline of flank, suitable for showing relief, such as character has the effect of the volume. Single light can show the stronger effect of Yin and Yang. Double side has the personalized characteristic light can show the splint, but need to adjust the auxiliary light and positive side of the light can get a perfect modelling effect than. 
The spotlight design 
Follow spot is designed according to the principle of optical imaging and zoom lamps and lanterns, can change the aperture size, color, light and shade, the actual condition, and other functions, performance is installed on the special support to follow to strengthen the lighting intensity of the staff performance, improve the audience's attention, can set a variety of locations of the performance space, realize the bust, general staff performance, long distance, small range of local lighting effect. Sometimes also can use the spotlight abstraction, unreal stage plot. 
Above the stage lighting design can not only apply to the lecture hall class stage, also can be used for the vast majority of performance stage, hope can help to you, we will continue to provide high quality lights for you. 

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