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The key factors for building nightscape lighting?

Office building facade is given priority to with concise and fluent flood lighting, highlight the tower stand upright image. The main building of the high-rise building lighting: narrowly environment warm light, delicate, solemn atmosphere of integrity stalwart, with concise and lively line lamp performance structure characteristics of the modern architecture. So what factors determine the overall direction of the building nightscape lighting design?
1, closely associated with urban construction
Nor have a designs city-lighting project planning and constructive, everything has a plan. The building lighting project in municipal engineering, the key cultural relic and store the things such as facade renovation, to advance together.
2, the urban planning
City night scene illumination design is not exist independently, and closely combining the city plan, building lighting design is only part of the city planning. The building lighting design in accordance with the overall plan focus on response characteristics of a city landmark project, not only have the effect of illumination, should also sublimate is a kind of art feeling, beautify the city night view, become the city classic.
3, combined with other lighting
Urban environment includes the landscape, landscape lighting lighting also points of man-made and natural things, building lighting design is both a monster design and micro, some focus on use function, some highlight decoration. Building lighting lighting not only focus on lighting function, is converted to a kind of aesthetic decoration. Later must execute the expansion of the continuity, standardization, has the plan and progress degree of skill and art.
4, night view lighting design planning
According to the layout of the city overall lighting design plan, night view lighting plan and the characteristics of cities and buildings conform to each other. Under the influence of different style street building lighting design style, in different circumstances, building lighting design will have different lighting style and characteristics, therefore, every section of night view lighting design should have different design requirements.
In designs city-lighting project, in either the light body that needs to be combined with the surrounding environment factors, create harmonious lighting environment. Building lighting design appropriate to cater to the development of urban planning and environment factors.
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