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The Suggestion for Park Waterscape Lighting Design

Park, night view lighting project not only need improve the beauty of city landscape lighting lighting, more major is don't let the landscape lighting lighting affect the safety of road lighting, as well as to improve the brightness of the road lighting, bring more pedestrian safety protection and visual enjoyment.
Is not hard to find in the park at night lighting engineering, a lot of landscape lighting lighting project promotes the richness of the park and brightness, follow the most popular element, it underlines the beauty of the roadside landscape lighting lighting, and on both sides of the monotony of road lighting is too dark. But that there is a big security hidden danger, to driving, the road is too beautiful beautiful landscape lighting lighting affects the vision of drivers, driving people to outside physical error of judgment, and eventually may cause safety accidents, therefore. Night at the park the brightness of the lighting engineering design need to reduce the influence of road lighting.
A night view lighting project, park should conform to the requirements:
1, should be based on the function of the park type, the surrounding landscape environment, subject, style and the usage of lighting lamps and lanterns, determine the park illumination level and choose the right means of lighting design
2, should avoid excessive astigmatism of passers-by, surrounding environment and the influence of landscape ecology;
3, parks, public activity area of illuminance standard should conform to the table
Second, park trees lighting design should meet the following requirements:
1, the trees should carefully to choose suitable way of irradiation surroundings and the location of the lighting installation; Try to avoid long time lighting and lighting lamps and lanterns of install the corresponding impact on animal and plant growth; Should not ancient and precious trees in close lighting;
2, in the surroundings, it is necessary to consider the leaf deciduous trees and characteristics and color, evergreen trees, and seasonal change factors influence on trees brighten, determine the illuminance level of the trees and choose lighting light source color table;
3, try to avoid glare in passers-by on the viewing Angle or produce certain light pollution to the environment.
Third, the park flower bed, green lighting design should meet the following requirements:
1, appropriate is used on the flower bed down way of lighting design, to highlight the flower itself;
2, lighting lamps and lanterns should be considered as a landscape element, and should be avoided due to the Settings affect the appreciation of the landscape lighting lamps and lanterns;
3, lawn lighting should be considered contrary to the park the influence of human activity, the light should be on the downward exposure, should avoid excessive astigmatism and the causes of light pollution to the environment
4, the appreciation of the park green space lighting should not be lower than the lowest illuminance 2 lx.
5, try to avoid excessive astigmatism on the landscape ornamental or the influence of the surrounding environment.
Four, park waterscape lighting design should meet the following requirements:
1, lighting light source, lamps and other electrical accessories must meet the requirements of this specification appendix water use protection and safety requirements, and easy to maintenance and management
2, waterscape lighting lamps and lanterns should be combined with hidden landscape requirements, should give attention to both water and to take protective measures of exterior effect when it freezes in winter
3, fountains, lighting illumination should consider environmental brightness and water spray shape and height
4, the water around you need to set up the functional lighting, prevent the view workers accidentally fell down.
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