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How to design bridge lighting

With the rapid development of economy, urban lighting construction should meet the requirements of city road lighting, through reasonable, system and perfect lighting planning, as part of the urban lighting construction, bridge lighting how to design can not only ensure traffic safety, and reduce the impact on the urban night scene landscape?
First of all, reduce the amount of street lamp, lower density. For some street lighting, can be appropriately widening street lamp installation space between light and the light, to reduce the street lamp installation density and the total number. Approach of part can grow installation spacing, formation of street lights to the transition of the bridge street.
Second, reduce the height of the installation of lamps and lanterns. More energy consumption, high street lamp lighting efficiency is lower, and its the glare could destroy the whole lighting effect. During the day, high street lamp lighting can also affect the bridge landscape effect.
By adopting played the footlights, LED and so on, the lights directly projected on the pavement, not only can improve the efficiency of lighting, also can avoid the influence on the driver line of sight. Right amount using dot LED, draw the road line, can not only for the driver to form the warning role, improves security, and lighting arrays are added to the road landscape effect.
Bridge lighting design adhere to the people-oriented principle of not only reduced the street light effects on the landscape, also ensure the driving safety, reduce the difficulty of installation and maintenance difficulty, reduce on energy conservation and environmental protection lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns and adopts low power can also reduce power consumption, lower operating costs. For a variety of vehicle drivers and pedestrians to create a good visual environment.
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