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Be careful for installation of led tubes

Urban lighting design of LED lamps and lanterns installation need to be careful
Guardrail tube installation instructions
Main material:
LED to protect the sample light; Guardrail lamp installation clip, waterproof transformer, LED guardrail light master controller, LED guardrail light controller,
Supplementary materials:
Male female plug, super five kind of cables, two core power cord, self-tapping screws, expansion screws, etc
LED guardrail light installation steps:
Step 1: to install on the wall: LED guardrail light to punch holes in wall body, expansion screws, reload LED guardrail light, with self tapping screw locking; The distance between the fence light according to the customer's requirements; Usually between 1 cm to 3 cm.
Step 2: then will dock LED guardrail light signal lines, power cords, signal lines are generally four or five core core male female plug; Insert the power cord is mother of the two core;
Step 3: install the power supply or switch power supply (transformer);
According to the power transformer and fence light power to calculate each transformer can bring how many fence light; Such as light colorful LED guardrail light is 10 108 w/M; 144 lights LED guardrail light is 12 w/M; If use 400 w waterproof transformer, it can take 108 lamp 36 m tube; 144 the lamp with 32 m tube. If the transformer can take 36 m tube; Transformer is in the middle of the 18 and 19, pick up two lines, each with 18 per side.
Note: 1. The power transformer normally just by 80% to 80%;
2. Regardless of the power transformer again big, each edge of the tube had better not more than 25 m; Because the power supply wire power loss; More to the back of the LED guardrail lamp brightness is lower;
Step 4: LED guardrail light controller installation;
Loading points, first, it is direct to connect points controller on the LED guardrail light signals after (five core male female), the power to connect power (two core insert male female); Then signal controller and the host controller docking, if control with the master of the distance will be far can use super five types of network cable connected, so that the signal is better; Each share of only with a fixed number of LED digital tube, generally can be brought to 100 m; When making the building outline, each sub control with all the way; Specific situation according to the LED installation rendering (manufacturers will help you calculate how many points to control, each share of which way, tend to have installation drawings). Between control and master also adopts super five line wiring; Cables are eight line, USES the male female signal plug docking with the Internet, is now receiving points control; Different circuits of signal lines need to disconnect between digital tube.
Step 5: electricity, communication.
All transformer received a 220 v power supply, then use a air switch and time switch;
To control the LED digital tube (LED guardrail light) unified electricity; Then the host controller on the plug on the 220 v power supply.
Step 6: system debugging
Controller and LED digital tube (LED guardrail light) after electrify. There may be a part of the tube of the program does not move, or individual can't normal operation; 'll take out the bad LED guardrail lamp, back-up tube, until the normal operation.
Note: 1. If the LED digital tube can't walk normal procedure, confirm whether the pipe line has a problem, please not the operation of the tube replaced, if back to normal, just confirm the tube, if can not change the share of a try, if can't solve the problems existing in the installation, please contact the manufacturer.
2. Because LED guardrail lights for electronics, there will always be some bad products, there will be a virtual welding welding leakage is like; Besides waterproof processing is a very key factor, suggested that when the choose and buy products hold good quality; If you have bad product when returned to the factory maintenance.
3. The monochrome or internal control fence light installation is simple, direct answer in the corresponding power line; Here is the number of internal control are to be LED guardrail light installation: the installation of the internal control number fence light must be installed according to the tube order one by one. If you don't in order to install the last there will be a sync now as whole.
4. LED guardrail lamps, LED guardrail light generally installed to the building, the installation cost is higher, has certain risk; If there is bad, need hands hanging or frame rack to conversion; So suggest to choose the high quality products, reduce maintenance costs.
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