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The principles landscape lighting design

Soft, light light can make the garden more quiet and comfortable environment, close to attractive. Therefore, in landscape lighting lighting project to the overall planning and design, make the garden are composed of the light intensity of illumination is uniform and has high and low, has the rhythm of light and shade artistic effect. Below small make up to share the landscape lighting lighting engineering should follow the principles of:
1, landscape lighting lighting engineering choose suitable lighting direction
Garden lights, generally located in the botanical garden green land gateway, square landscape, or the traffic arteries and landscape on both sides of the road and road intersection, walking steps, landscape architecture, water fountain, sculpture, the place such as the edge of the lawn.
2, landscape lighting, lighting engineering of illumination to be in harmony with the surrounding environment
According to different landscape environment, the landscape garden lamp illumination lighting lighting project selection will be just right. Inward and outward like garden, for instance, or crowded places, such as square, and need plenty of lighting intensity; While in a quiet walk ladder trail you just need to general lighting.
3, choose suitable lamp height
Ensure that have a uniform illumination, in addition to the orientation of the lamps and lanterns is settled to uniform, reasonable distance, the height of the lamp to be appropriate. Garden lights set highly related to the use of general garden lamp height 3 meters rule; Traffic activity space, garden lamp height is in commonly 4 to 6 meters dominate; And for the entourage of lamp its height should be as the case may be. Other, the horizontal distance between the height of the lamp and lamp to appropriate ratio of talents constitute uniform illumination. Municipal garden engineering lamp height and the ratio of horizontal distance between lamp generally between 1/12 to 1/10.
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