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How to design the hotel wall lights?

Urban prosperity development cannot leave the hotel facade lighting engineering building exterior lighting engineering, whenever night comes, the city or in a scene of prosperity, is the most common in the designs city-lighting project hotels and some scenic spots of lighting design process. For the hotel to create a comfortable living environment, so as to reflect the hotel after exterior lighting engineering effect.
Hotel let customers the most temporary living and to provide convenient place to rest, at the same time can also have a certain entertainment functions, such as dining, swimming, meeting, singing and so on a series. But a lot of our hotel most of the customers are foreigners, so how to make outsiders recognize yourself and check in? We all know that train stations all along the way there will be a lot of the hotel, when tourists came out from the railway station after will choose which hotel it is the key.
First of all, this is our purpose, we do the hotel facade lighting project purpose is to let our hotel decorated become beautiful, can let visitors looked up will be able to see the billboard of the hotel and then you can choose, so are the customer see are only the first step to our ideas, we should not only let customers look, consider what kind of hotel exterior lighting project to make the hotel in numerous wall lighting project of the building to stand out, that is our lighting design scheme has certain creativity and attractions.
Hotel exterior lighting engineering major is the hotel's facilities and surroundings outside the hotel decoration facilities set, and people for the first impression of a hotel is in the door before the building decorative lighting, so the success of the exterior wall decoration lighting engineering let a person feel the hotel at the first glance on the tall, it is also a brand of hotel project.
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