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Have to say what minutiae in the lighting design

In recent years, lighting design has gradually become a hot topic. Night, a light city clearly can let a person feel better, but, how can let oneself of the lighting design better and accepted? In the mouth all day long by people what kinds of lighting design?
Lighting lighting, just as its name implies, is given priority to with landscape, highlight the look and feel of the lighting. Positioning should be given priority to with landscape, both illumination function, outstanding landscape characteristics, excellent landscape lighting design should look with aesthetic feeling, easy to understand, easy affinity. Night view lighting is along with the development of the city, economic prosperity, social progress and people to improve the quality of life, and become an indispensable part of urban construction. Important public buildings and monuments in the city sculpture, commercial building, square, or some unique landmark buildings, traffic facilities, or can use lights at night to beautify, make the night scenery of the city has a different view.
Landscape lighting lighting design the lighting design methods commonly used:
With the development of lighting technology, for the urban landscape lighting offers a variety of means and methods.
At present, the more common way of lighting include: surface body in floodlighting, contour lighting, lighting, pervious to light, silhouette illumination, cascade multivariate space three-dimensional lighting, fiber optic tube, small lamps, lighting, laser holographic lighting and so on. Through these induced visitors the best Angle of view, lighting can achieve outstanding landscape characteristics, absorbing effect.
Landscape lighting lighting has the branch of monochromatic light and polychromatic light, with tall lightness low chroma advisable. In terms of colour collocation, night view lighting through color kind, warm, grave, far or near, weight and other visual and psychological feeling, show the different need of night scene atmosphere. Because danyang three center for administrative office building lighting of tonal give priority to with light yellow color, huangbai color. In other colours emphasizes local or key parts, to avoid to get into the colorful, dilute solemn atmosphere.
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