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Commercial building lighting also should have faith?

Business is busy, also can see from the side of the business prosperity and grade. Whether a commercial design features, it directly affects the business body taste. Next, let the torch of hubei province and to explain the business concept of lighting design.
First of all, the first thing is to make an overall plan on is commercial building lighting design, according to the customer's visual psychological needs and related lighting design standards and specifications, the various lighting design objects together, comprehensive consideration of lighting design, to be the focus of the lighting design highlights both the commercial body parts, brighten the regional distribution of light and shade is appropriate, strong lighting effects, avoid the light pollution, and create a bright lights, and has a good visual leading lighting effects.
The second is to to focus on the business structure of entrance, in order to attract customers shopping and stimulate consumption.
Moreover is focusing on the business on both sides of the lamp body, especially the shop shop shop head lighting and lighting, facade name advertising lighting.
Last is required, on the basis of commercial lighting design concept, highlight the store's own lighting characteristics and individual character, but store lighting arrangement direction vertical to the line of sight of pedestrians.


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