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How to win-win in lighting business?

Lighting design qualification cooperation, win-win situation is the ultimate goal
For lighting design engineering, in fact, the market is very chaotic is complex, there are a lot of owner side don't know how to find the lighting engineering company involved in their project lighting engineering, just blindly on the contact of different levels of lighting engineering company, because of lighting design engineering are level of qualification points and key project case of masterpiece. Lighting engineering qualification level for "city and road lighting professional contracting" level 3, level 2, level 1, level 3, of course, is only the lowest level, and level 3, the engineering of secondary qualification enterprise can do volume is also has a certain limit. Is mainly to higher than the level of qualification of body engineering must have technical ability construction of good.
In fact, now many owners do not consider this, if you stand in the perspective of the owners to consider the problem was made clear, the owner boss will think of on the same level, the lighting design of a project, technical ability and offer to measure which the tendering units more competitive advantage. Because it is on the same level, on the other hand, different levels to participate in the unit, whether from the design, technology or offer products are unable to assess the respective advantages and disadvantages, and so on. This does not conform to the owner of project selection.
For lighting lighting design engineering qualifications, in fact, there are many ways, some owners and contractors or related parties to make rope, they have to find professional lighting lighting engineering company, contractor and related parties, in particular, they do not know what lighting lighting engineering process and technology of construction, etc. They are blind to find some lighting engineering company. Finally may cause the whole project is a mess, you also did not earn money. Personally think that looking for lighting lighting project cooperation, must find a professional lighting lighting engineering co., LTD. Ability construction must be in more than 10 years or more. Companies such as general high level of qualification, construction capacity without any problems, but the most important is, cooperation can do things well can also achieve a win-win result. May not only for the owner, the project well, also look at such a professional lighting lighting engineering company credibility and reputation. How they treated after the completion of the project warranty period is one solution.
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