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What do you know about Hotel Lobby lighting design?

In recent years, the LED has been the government's promotion star, LED lights and expectations, give full play to its energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages, has won user's very identity, especially in the field of commercial space, comprehensive use of LED lights has become a trend.
In the modern lighting design, the essence of "light" already broke through the light up the darkness, it became the tool of modern architectural decoration will not. Then in hotel lighting, we LED lights and how to layout, build a warm, comfortable, easy and comfortable home feeling? According to a person from the LED commercial lighting lighting and lighting designers introduce leading brand in hk, hk associating the lamps and lanterns of lighting designers tend to hotel according to the function can be divided into three categories: business, vacationing industry and villa hotel, the hotel atmosphere must match with its function. The hotel lobby to the customer's first impression is often the most important, so should pay special attention to the lobby of the hotel lighting design.
Business type hotel lighting design
This kind of hotel is usually in the economically developed areas, will often hold large business, conference, business banquets, and other functions. In the lobby of the lighting design, to create a style, atmosphere and friendly atmosphere. That suggests to use warm color to move about 3000 k, integral space about 250-300 lx, the average illuminance on the local point area of about 500 lx.
Vacationing industry hotel lighting design
This kind of hotel is usually built in the vicinity of tourist attractions, mainly for family and friends to play together and highlight the features of holiday and leisure. The lobby the whole atmosphere is leisurely and comfortable, warmth, most home feeling. Suggested that integral space use warm color to move 2700 k to 3000 k, the average illuminance at about 150-200 lx. Lai king lighting designers also noted that if the environment is very elegant seaside resorts, design can also try to use high temperature, high intensity of illumination lighting system, to create a fresh, pure and fresh atmosphere.
Villa hotel lighting design
This kind of hotel general outskirts of good for the environment, the hotel function is given priority to with leisure, vacation, but it is mainly used for high-level customers. Though occasionally a small range of business activities, but the main or leisure, entertainment and parent-child activities. Build atmosphere for the hotel, such as the key point, the lobby lighting design that suggests to use warm color to move about 3000 k, integral space about 100-100 lx, the average illuminance on the local point area about 300 lx.
In addition, also introduced to the designer, the lobby is not only embodies the style and character of the hotel, also reflected the requirements, such as the hall, reception, and rest, little corner of the waiting area and other special. This is also cannot be neglected in the lighting design. Vestibular color temperature if too low, the space can appear very narrow, colour temperature is too high and don't have enough kindness, easy to make the guest mood manic. Service desk to use high intensity of illumination light source is advantageous for the registration and settlement, etc., and to maintain consistent color temperature with front office taking the door, in order to strengthen the friendly atmosphere.
So the conclusion above, we can lobby lighting lighting area is divided into three parts: the door and front desk area, total area and service and guest lounge. From the general rules, through the door and front office part of the lighting is the lobby of the general lighting or global illumination, the service desk and guest lounge area illumination is local lighting. The lighting should keep the consistency of color temperature, three regions through the brightness contrast, can form rich appeal, continuous transition and there are ups and downs of light and shade, on the whole build cordial atmosphere
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