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Color temperature and color rendering in lighting design

Indoor lighting design, is an important part of interior design, as the human nature, lighting, green lighting concept of thorough popular feeling, create a good indoor illume effect, should be in line with the fundamental principle of "people-oriented", meet the needs of people physiological and psychological aspects.
Indoor lighting, therefore, the application of color temperature and color rendering research has become increasingly important, especially the influence of color temperature light environment, involving psychology and other interdisciplinary research and application.
LED indoor lighting lamps and lanterns is contrary to the LED lamp, to be more close to natural light effect, make be according to colorless distortion under light irradiation.
Color temperature, refers to the color of the light source emits light radiation at a certain temperature light color at the same time, the temperature of the blackbody is referred to as the light source color temperature.Color temperature is a measure of light source light color temperature on the low side said the light color warm (red), high light color slants cold (blue).Color is actually a psychological effect on the physical, all the production of color image, is due to the intermittent spectral response on the eyes, so the color temperature is used to represent the color visual impression.
Color rendering, is refers to the light show is according to the performance of the color object, namely the degree of color fidelity.Color rendering by Ra color rendering index to indicate.Good light source color rendering to reproduce the color is good, can see the color is more close to the object of natural primary colors;Poor light source color rendering to reproduce the color is bad, can see the color deviation is bigger.Light source color rendering, is determined by the light source spectral power distribution, and spectral continuous good light source color rendering, objects under the light source, the rendered color is more realistic.
Choose to have appropriate color temperature and color rendering of light sources for indoor lighting design is very important, otherwise it is a good decoration, decoration, art and so on will be choose not appropriate light source and blank.
In this article, through the different light source color temperature and color rendering method and the application in indoor lighting design analysis, and combined with the sitting room lighting design as an example, the LED color temperature and color rendering the advantages in the interior lighting design, and the LED color temperature and color rendering evaluation criteria are put forward.
1, indoor lighting design requirements analysis of the color temperature and color rendering
Space the user requirements
(1) the demand for indoor lighting
Since ancient times, the skylight is most consistent with the light of the physiological needs, the need for people to light from the original simple lighting demand change and development to the present to light the demand of art, now put forward higher requirements for lighting environment - making the dynamic simulated natural light and applied to the indoor environment lighting, including dynamic lighting lighting and atmosphere.
Indoor users not only focus on lighting brightness, pay more attention to different spectral distribution effects on people's physical and mental state.
The traditional incandescent lamp, gas discharge lamp, energy-saving lamps, such as light source, toning, poor ability of it as a dynamic lighting source.Pure lights and LED light source, can choose a wide variety of tonal and light distribution, easy control for dynamic lighting, and energy conservation, environmental protection, is the new generation of green lighting light source.
(2) the illume of the sitting room function
Often sitting room function is relatively complex, it is not only the activity center, family members and reception guests communication places, the sitting room should be more clear, elegant, warm lighting environment, to reflect master enthusiasm, frank.
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