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What are the types of landscape lighting planning

Figure for the effect of planning of Leshan city landscape lighting landscape lighting planning Figure 1 planning of nightscape lighting in the city or area construction and development planning as the basis, analyzing the artistic features of landscape elements in the city or area of the natural landscape and cultural landscape and historical and cultural conditions and landscape in a serious investigation, according to the night the lighting of the law, and make comprehensive deployment of nightscape lighting facilities of the city or region specific arrangements and management measures. Night lighting planning is the overall planning and detailed planning of two levels. 2 illumination plan comprehensive planning of nightscape lighting in the city or area of the construction and development of overall planning, positioning, made of nightscape lighting construction in the city or area of the objectives, characteristics, level, construction steps and policy measures from the macro comprehensive overall deployment. Note: in recent years, the concept of nightscape (concept planning of) is gradually accepted and adopted by people. Such as Singapore in 1968, the construction plan to replace the overall planning concept planning, the recent Hongkong SAR and Guangzhou and other regions or cities have also carried out the concept of planning, and achieved good results. 3 night lighting detailed planning of detailed lighting in planning of nightscape city or area lighting overall planning, the city or area in the recent construction of night scenic spots or Engineering (including city landmarks, square landscape and road landscape, commercial street landscape, landscape, and places of historic interest and scenic beauty of landscape and river water regional landscape etc.) to make specific arrangements.

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