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Lighting and lighting methods commonly used in modern lighting

1 lighting floodlighting is usually used to illuminate a large area of the scenery or site cast light, which is significantly higher than the ambient illumination illumination illumination. Changzhou World Trade Center, the night of the 2 stage of the outline of the lighting lighting lighting contour lighting directly using the outline of the building or structure of the lighting. 3 glass lighting lighting form interior lights by way of lighting indoor light outward transmission. 4 Building nightscape lighting method structual nightscape lighting will be combined with the lighting, lamps or light-emitting devices and building facade walls, columns, eaves, window, wall or roof part of the building structure is one of the methods of lighting. 5 multivariate space method multiple space modeling lighting lighting from the space environment of the scenic spots or scenery, the comprehensive utilization of multiple (or multiple) lighting method of lighting direction and gives the best scenery spots, moderate shading, clear contour and shadow, demonstrating its stereo perception and cultural and artistic characteristics in the vertical and horizontal illuminance ratio etc.. Silhouetic lighting also known as the 6 silhouette illumination background illumination, refers to the use of light will be illuminated scene and its background from the scene remain dark, and form a clear outline of the image illumination method in the background. 7 layering lighting for outdoor lighting are a set of scenery, the use of several lights, illuminating only the most exciting and interesting part of wells, intends to let other parts remain dark lighting method. 8 "Moonlight" lighting "Moon" lighting also known as moonlight lighting method, refers to the moonlight lamp installed in tall trees or buildings or structures, or suspended in the air, like the dim moonlight, lighting method and to the trees or other forms of light and shadow in the ground scene. 9 lighting used function light illumination function "l light the use of indoor and outdoor lighting function, including indoor lighting, lighting, lighting, advertising signs window lighting, site operation of motor vehicle road lamp, lighting the night outdoor decoration method. In the 10 strong lighting, focus lighting accent lighting using narrow beam angle lighting irradiation surface, and so formed around the brightness and contrast of the strong, the rhythmic brightness changes, the formation of unique lighting effects. Lighting method of optical fiber, light pipe, sulfur lamp, laser, light emitting diode, space light ball, projection lamp and flame light and other special lighting equipment and technology to create a night view of the special lighting using 11 special lighting method.

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