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Six new lighting technologies

1 optical fiber lighting technology optical fiher technology in the night lighting project using fiber optic lighting technology. 2 light guide lighting technology light guide or light pipe technology using a light pipe lighting technology Chuanguang in lighting engineering. 3 sulfur lamp application technology of technology used sulphur (sulfur) lighting technology supporting the use of lamp in the lighting project in sulfur lamp and light pipe. At 4 atmosphere laser dye laser technology laser technology in the major festivals, movie or landmark buildings of the night landscape lighting engineering, technology power draw or range of city identity. 5 light emitting diode (LED) lighting technology light emitting diode technology application of LED lighting technology or decorative logo in nightscape lighting engineering. 6 electroluminescence (EL) with electro luminescence technology EL electro luminescence acronym and abbreviation, use the electroluminescent strip in lighting engineering (also known as electroluminescence band) for decorative lighting technology.

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