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What are the categories of urban landscape lighting?

1 celebration lighting Festival lighting lighting or lighting to create a happy, festive and festive lighting. 2 buildings lighting architecture (building) nightscape lighting with light remolded to create, for the production and livelihood of the people or other activities in the house or place of nightscape lighting. Lighting objects have housing construction, such as memorial buildings, Mausoleum buildings, landscape architecture and architectural sketches, etc.. Building nightscape lighting, should be based on the form of different buildings, layout and style to fully reflect the nature of the building, structure and material characteristics, style, style and local characteristics. 3 construction of night lighting structural nigl mountain Cape lighting with light reproduction architecture nightscape lighting. Lighting objects are monuments, towers, roads, bridges, tunnels, sewers, canals, reservoirs, mines, chimneys, water towers, reservoirs, storage tanks, etc.. In view of purpose built structures, the general characteristics of people in the production or life, building lighting structures in addition to considering the functional requirements, but also must pay attention to the structures and forms, coordination and the surrounding environment. 4 square lighting square square nightscape lighting according to different types of functional requirements, through scientific design, the use of lighting facilities, beautiful shape, simple and bright colors, light cloth reasonable, create a square and the surrounding environment and the nature of coordination, beautiful lighting. The picture shows the square in Sichuan Leshan center city road landscape lighting landscape lighting turntable 5 road landscape lighting under the premise of ensuring the road lighting function, through the cloth of the street lamp is beautiful, simple and bright colors, creating a scientific, reasonable function and beautiful landscape lighting. Pictured Sichuan road Leshan city center 6 commercial street landscape lighting landscape lighting street landscape lighting according to the function of street, characteristics and categories, considering the road blocks, stores, advertising, signs and characteristics of municipal facilities, bus stations, kiosks, square, water, green trees, fountains, and sculpture sketch. The landscape elements, unified planning, careful design, the formation of a unified and harmonious lighting. 7 gardener nightscape lighting landscape lighting according to the nature and characteristics of the landscape, the landscape garden (hard rocks, roads, buildings, water and water etc.) and soft landscape (green, trees and vegetation etc.) the lighting of unified planning, careful design, the formation of a harmonious lighting. 8 waterscape lighting for waterscape lighting rendering waterscape art effect, according to the features of the categories of natural features (rivers, waterfalls, lakes and lake water regret etc.) and human (Waterscape fountain, waterfall, lake reservoir and artificial lighting settings etc.). 9 public information lighting public information lighting lighting (including landmark lighting, advertising lights and signs, lights, etc.) as the media, to provide people with public information lighting. 10 advertising lighting advertising lighting to illuminate a variety of advertising lighting, the use of light sources are neon lights, fluorescent lamps, high intensity gas discharge lamps and light-emitting diodes, etc.. 11 of lighting lighting lighting for the use of symbols, patterns, colors and information to convey the symbols or facilities of the lighting of the sings.

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