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What are the general requirements for the construction of electric power and lighting in thermal power plants?


1 electrical equipment shall not exceed the nameplate, the knife type power switch with load pull switch is prohibited.

2 multi-channel power switch cabinet or distribution box should be sealed. Switch and fuse must be connected to the power supply, the next load, no reverse connection. The load should indicate the name, single-phase knife switch voltage should be marked.

3 different voltage socket and a plug should be used in different structures, prohibit the use of single-phase socket instead of three-phase socket. Voltage rating shall be indicated for single-phase socket.

4 no wires directly hooked directly into the socket in use or knife.

5 manually open type air switch, knife switch and a fuse tube, should wear gloves or use insulated tools.

6 the capacity of the thermal element and fuse shall meet the requirements of the protected equipment. Fuse should have protective cover. Tubular fuse shall not be used without tube. Fuse shall not be cut off. Prohibit the use of other metal wire instead of fuse.

7 fuse fuse, must find out the reasons, troubleshooting can be replaced. Replace the fuse, install the protective cover can be sent before.

8 electrical and mechanical tools should be connected to the electrical circuit should be equipped with a switch or socket, and should have a protective device. Mobile electric machinery should use soft rubber cable. A switch is not allowed to connect two and more than two electric equipment.

9 temporary lighting lines above the site 110V should be relatively fixed, and regular inspection, maintenance. The hanging height of the luminaire shall not be less than 2.5m, and shall not be arbitrarily moved; a protective cover shall be provided below 2.5m.

What are the general requirements for the construction of electric power and lighting in thermal power plants?

10 explosion-proof electrical equipment shall be used in the place where there are explosive hazards and dangerous goods warehouse. In the case of large quantities of steam, gas and dust, the enclosed electrical equipment should be used. Well, the channel structures in the caisson, and independent high-rise, should be equipped with independent power supply lighting.

11 the use of metal stents iodine tungsten lamp, bracket should be stable, and take the ground or zero protection bracket shall be charged mobile.

12 the power supply line shall not be close to the heat source or directly tied to the metal component; the erection of the bamboo and wooden scaffolding shall be provided with insulators.

The 13 switch control line; use screw socket, the zero line should be connected to the screw on cap.

14 shed lighting line should be fixed on the insulator, away from the building wall should be not less than 2.5cm. set of insulating sleeve. The wires in the pipe and groove shall not be connected.

The voltage of the 15 line lamp shall not exceed 36V, the voltage of the lamp in the moist place, the metal container and the pipeline shall not exceed 12V. lines.

16 line lamp power supply must use a double winding transformer, the one or two sides should have a fuse. The lamp transformer must have waterproof measures, one end of the metal shell and the secondary winding are connected to ground or ground zero.

Install temporary fixed lamps with 110V or 220V in the combustion chamber lighting 17 boiler, must be installed leakage current protection device, safety measures should be approved; lamps must have protective cover, with a soft rubber cable to power line, through the hole in the wall, the mouth should set up protective sleeve pipe, installation height should be reach for construction personnel to the place. Prohibit the use of temporary lighting 110V or 220V as the use of line lights.

18 adequate lighting shall be provided in places where light is insufficient and working at night.

19 after the dismantling of electric machinery and lighting equipment, shall not be allowed to live part.

20 when working on a low voltage electrical network below ground voltage 250V, the following requirements shall be observed:

The line must be removed or accessed without any load.

There should be enough distance between the phase and the relative, and can meet the requirements of the staff and the operating tool not to touch different phase conductors at the same time.

Reliable insulation measures.

Set up a special guardianship.

Safety construction work tickets.

The contents of the above are based on the actual work of the students to meet the problem of finishing, for reference, if there is a problem, please timely communication.

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