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Design and Discussion on the lighting design of commercial building

1 lighting implementation:

The role of A. lighting lamps

See the light? See light?! See thing! - abandon the traditional thinking of the light, see the light of the lighting, and promote the new concept of light.

The installation of lamps - HID lamps, so that the hidden lights invisible

Rays of light - light, so that people can not detect the existence of light

The ultimate goal of lighting: display of objects (commercial buildings)

To reduce the physical properties of the night (the structure of the building, texture, color, volume and the spatial relationship between the various parts)

The special requirements for the light of B. commercial buildings: dazzling

Keywords: non commercial strong characteristics of the riotous with colour light pure reflect the enterprise culture or geographical characteristics

C. creates flashing lighting effects that require the light source to be placed in a well coordinated shadow environment.

In Lanzhou Chengguan Wanda Plaza lighting we use light or lighting and building facade walls, columns, eaves, window, wall or roof part of the building structure of integrated lighting, the HID lamps, HID light, green lighting concept was.

Commercial buildings with the characteristics of light is to "dazzle", manifested as pure light. Commercial logo display and regional special culture. We put the idea of the ancient Silk Road into the dot matrix screen, active screen, reflecting the cultural connotation.

Located in the Yangtze River, Wuhu, Wuhu Wanda Commercial Plaza, in the night scene lighting performance as dripping, but also a major case of commercial lighting combined with regional culture.

2 building structures and materials:

A. shows the beauty of structure and material beauty of commercial buildings

B. using the special texture of building materials for auxiliary lighting design (contrast) performance

C. glass curtain wall, glass and other smooth surface, strong reflective ability of building materials and other similar materials will be added to the construction of the flash effect, adding to the fun of the building.

The use of lighting, the performance of commercial buildings, "material" aesthetic, enhance the fun of the building at night.

3 overall environment and planning:

A. increase vertical brightness - the design of the full use of the curtain wall and trees, and other vertical surface of the vertical brightness, in the physical and psychological comfort of the light, rather than completely dependent on the level of brightness

B. priority in color temperature design

C. ensures high quality color rendering

D. reduce glare

E. to create a beautiful environment of light and shadow

Lighting and other complementary relationship

1 deal with the problem of advertisement in the lighting of commercial buildings:

A. advertising lighting gives a lively atmosphere in the business district

Focus on how best to integrate the public, private, and local artistic styles in a dynamic mix of art logos into a commercial building program.

B. attached to commercial buildings for the construction of advertising can not be overwhelming and should not destroy the superfluous, icing on the cake, the beauty of the building.

C. advertising means of overall consideration: LED dot matrix screen, light box, LCD screen, LED lights, such as the choice of diversity

Properly handle the "shop strokes" and the relationship between the building, so that it serves for commercial buildings, the two form a visual effect.

2 treatment of landscape lighting for commercial buildings:

"Organic light" - trees, water and other natural landscape harmony

A. claims to create a shadow of the lighting, to avoid excessive light

B. uses interactive lighting to gently attract visitors

C. the light and water plants, harmony

3 commercial buildings should be taken into account the effect of interior decoration (interior lighting):

Make full use of indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and benefits

A. commercial building lighting indoor lighting is mainly concentrated in the following 5 storey podium mall

B. indoor lighting for outdoor lighting to bring the use of internal light, saving commercial lighting energy

C. makes full use of the stone arcades following 5 storey indoor lighting, outdoor lighting and signage pavilions, commercial buildings, commercial atmosphere at night rendering

The use of indoor light transmission in the form of commercial buildings, saving the cost of outdoor lighting, enrich the details of the building itself.

In the night with commercial logo, lit the city skyline.

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