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What is the place where the standby lighting is provided for the fire accident

[problem]: where is the place for setting up a fire accident?


(1) the staircases (including the stairwell and elevator room, fire elevator room);

(2) fire control room, power supply room (including generator room, UPS room and storage room, etc.), distribution room, fire pump room, smoke room, etc.;

(3) multi function hall audience hall, banquet hall, important and every floor area of more than 1500 square meters exhibition hall, business hall, etc.;

(4) construction area of over 200 square meters of the studio, densely populated building area more than 300 square meters in the basement;

(5) important technical rooms, such as communication room, large and medium sized computer room, BAS central control room, etc.;

(6) each level of personnel intensive public places, etc.;

(7) evacuation corridors in public buildings and residential buildings with a length of more than 20m.

The contents of the above are based on the actual work of the students to meet the problem of finishing, for reference, if there is a problem, please timely communication.

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